The Web Agency and the Making of Airbus Intelligence

The Web Agency and the Making of Airbus Intelligence
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WS, a web agency born in Toulouse like Spot Image, which became herself Airbus Defence & Space Geo Intelligence. 
We’ve worked with them for more than 20 years, so how can we not dedicate an article to speak about our collaboration?  Impossible!

The Making of Airbus Intelligence

A unique collaboration

At WS Interactive, we’re especially proud of this partnership which shows our capacity for supporting internationally renowned aerospace experts.

In this issue, we want to highlight this special collaboration. For example, we worked on redesigning their “Airbus Intelligence” website
The project goes beyond a simple website, because it hosts a constellation of other sites and business applications. A very tricky and stimulating and digital environment….

To realize this project all our experts and expertise were mobilized. 

Intrigued? So! Read on and peer behind the scenes of a breathtaking collaboration.

How WS became the digital partner of Airbus Defence & Space

We work with Airbus Defence & Space in order to help them communicate and commercialize their satellite images. 

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For more than 20 years we have supported Airbus Defense and Space and their partners in their digital transformation.

Methodology galore

Working with Airbus means adopting and adapting to specific ways of working.
It also takes a lot of responsiveness and diligence to meet the quality requirements and expected deadlines.

methode illu

Wondering what kind of tools our technicians designed? Well, for one example, a powerful satellite image search system and a map application that allows you to select areas to be photographed around the world.

The success of these applications, today used by hundreds of users around the world, is at the height of our partnership: exceptional!

The personal touch of course!

To respond to and understand the needs of each project, we have formed teams of specialized experts.

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We focused on proximity and follow-up by organizing, for example, weekly points on each file. Our rigorous methodology associated with their industrial processes has allowed us to meet all their technical and quality requirements every time.
We believe that our 25-year partnership speaks for itself.