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Location, location, location! You and your firm are now in a virtual location, and a bad location can be ruinous if not dealt with quickly.

The WS team is obsessed with the techniques that can allow your interface to gain visibility. Whether it's inbound marketing or an aggressive ad campaign, in this field it's essential for your company to adopt a multichannel approach at a national or international level.


Writing for the web is a new type of art. One that requires us to write beautiful prose for our users, but also highly mathematical and efficient for bots. Your ranking depends on mastering both arts. Search engines attempt to position the most favorable site according to the search keyword or sentence demanded. Getting into position 0 has become sine qua non to attract the most users and obtain your ROI.

At WS, once all the technical details are in place, it comes down to getting the most out of your content. Understandable and easy to read. Keyword-sensitive for search engines. The two go hand in hand, but getting it right is an investment of time and diligence. We lead you through the process and help you evolve your SEO strategy through ongoing analysis and recommendations for honing your literary skills. Learn more about our SEO solutions


We analyze everything

In some cases, it’s all about the numbers and getting the curve to go up. Then again, in pretty much all cases!


A "Top 40" SEO strategy

Which keywords are trending and what words make sense for your brand? We’ll help you!


One structure and many priorities

Good SEO strategy is linked to good strategy period. Don’t worry, we don’t keep secrets.


If your target market is using social media, then what are you waiting for? Which networks? What personality? What cadence? What moderation? At WS our goal is to set you up with all the key ingredients to set you free and get those "likes" and "+1's".

Not sure if you have the time or resources to dedicate to such a task? OK, we’ll manage your community for you. Shouting out your news, your events, your inspirations and more. We’ll manage your comments and feedback. Generate likes, followers and great reviews.


Community management how we like it

Create, inspire, share, like, comment...manage your community, make contacts and spread the news!


Is it right for you?

Chances are if you are asking this question, then yes, something needs to be put in place.


Create qualified leads

Will this generate sales? Well...by not being active you may lose sales. Don’t waste time, stay connected to your customers!


Put your digital campaign in our hands! Whatever your favorite network, we handle your advertising campaign with innovation and enthusiasm. Together, we establish the budget and the goals, then settle on a strategy and the actions which will follow.

Keywords, budget by click, hour, day, segment: we help you to refine your campaign to obtain the best conversion rate possible. 

And thanks to a large dose of analytics, we help you check the most profitable campaigns and adjust then along the way to optimize your spending and entries.


Time-to-market mastering

We all know leaders are the first ones to act. SEA management will provide you with a competitive edge to outrace them! 


The click rate that suits you

It’s not just about generating users...you gotta generate high-quality clicks. Because every penny counts!


Together...until the end!

We support you all the time, everywhere! From your campaign launch to analysis and results.


Good SEO, good inbound marketing...thanks to regular updates, you can lead your users towards subjects that matter. It's not only about making a blog simply to make one, but to write and reveal your history, your know-how, your passion.

The web is a vast ocean and you deserve to take a swim. To call on WS is to call on experts who can help you to talk about your expertise and to talk to your audience efficiently.


One more arrow in your quiver

You know your occupation, your target…but sometimes it’s good to have one more arrow! That's us!


A workshop to hone your skills

Then Ta-da! You're autonomous! We'll set up a workshop to improve your online writing efficiency.


This good ol' inbound marketing

More than just buzz, it’s a real approach to generating traffic at the right time and place.


Mailing is not dead! A mailing campaign or a newsletter can be a powerful way to communicate with your clients, prospects, partners...

By consistently following practices that optimize your opening rate, WS supports you, creates an image based on your website, puts in place automation tools and redirects your messages to ensure efficiency.


What about SPAM?

SPAM ? Oh it’s just a firm that manufactures canned pork. It is not our field at all. So what about it?


And the RGPD then?

We are careful to send campaigns only to individuals who voluntarily subscribed to your list.


All together in every form!

Newsletter, blogging, SMO, SEO… Where to start? With us, it’s all at the same time, in line with our multichannel approach! On top of that, in full collaboration with you. It’s possible!

International Marketing

Get ready for the American Dream. Whether you are a start-up or a well-established company, we help you
develop your presence in the United States from Toulouse and Paris.

Our international crew and our American partners put at your disposal the know-how that flies over borders and sees the big picture. This is also the power of the WS network.


Do you speak English?

More importantly "Do you speak American?” We speak the language of the web and have mastered its jargon in French, Spanish, English…


Universal WS

Our team is qualified to support you whatever your country, your objectives, your target...cultural difference a challenge that really gets us going!


Go even farther

Why stop in the USA ? With the web there are no more borders! Our agency supports you wherever you are in the world. You'll find us next on Venus, Mars, the Moon...

Last, but not least

Our team has precise knowledge of the digital environment and your needs. We tenaciously help you define a digital strategy to bring added value to your clients and users. A logical digital strategy will drive your messages to all the levels of your interface in the most efficient way possible.  A critical part of your marketing strategy!

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