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New marketing support for Front Commerce

Front Commerce helps e-commerce sites by facilitating the journey for buyers. Front commerce offers an optimized navigation and a smoother user experience. The Toulouse-based company wanted an innovative website, good support, a strong and relevant marketing tool on all devices.

When Front Commerce came knocking with tight deadlines, the web agency WS Interactive was at attention, ready to deliver this new digital project.

Short lead time and tailor-made site

The main issue for this project was the delivery time. The customer needed a finished product in less than two months. Our team had to respond to specific needs quickly.

In an accelerated context, it was therefore necessary to produce and offer a tailor-made, efficient and lightweight tool. Our know-how and knowledge made it possible to deliver the expected solution on time, with a unique site to boot.

An experienced customer

For this project, the work was made easier thanks to our client. Front Commerce was involved, informed, and quick throughout the development process. Our working methods adapted to the pace of the client. In this case, the customer was ready and very responsive. Feedback and validation were always relevant and punctual, so everyone involved stayed the course to deliver the site on time.

The exchanges were clear and easy. Following our workshop, the client maintained deadlines. We were thus able to develop the design, develop and put online a tailor-made solution quickly in the middle of the summer.