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    Déchets Nouvelle-Aquitaine

    Déchets Nouvelle-Aquitaine changes its web face

    The Chamber of Craft Professions takes care of the waste management in Nouvelle-Aquitaine. It was critical that they had a webpage dedicated to making their services accessible to structures unfamiliar with the Internet.
    Let’s see what WS concocted!

    If it’s packaged, it’s weighed!

    At WS, we know that content and style must be well-matched. We understood the demands of the Déchets Nouvelle-Aquitaine team and suggested a unique solution which:

    is in line with the goal of easing daily life for companies

    place inexperienced users at the heart of the revamp

    offer intuitive ergonomics and a quality content

    “Impossible” is not in our vocabulary. Let’s do this!

    WS sorts selectively

    Our family of web designers conceived this website with big, colored blocks so users can scan information quickly and efficiently.

    An interactive map visually lists every service of the organization and the professional space offers simplified management of offers, demands and pricing.

    In other words, the group’s website showcases the sustainable approach of their services.  Intuitive and creative. How cool is that?

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