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A corporate website hosted on a multi-website platform: the Quodagis Group.


A new and beautiful look for Eodesk

Eodesk is a company that offers IT support services and belongs to the Quodagis Group. Heck yeah, one more!

The firm has a rather complex catalog of activities.

They once again relied on WS to build a suitable and tailor-made interface that would adhere to Quodagis’ global communication strategy.


A project, a coffee and you’re good to go!

Here’s a riddle: how could we create an interface suitable for Eodesk that:

  • introduces the complex activities of the company yet remains simple;
  • fits neatly into the multi-website platform of Quodagis;
  • is responsive, dynamic and playful?

Do you have it? A one-page website, of course! Easy!


WS meets your needs

Our web-design family decided to create a single-page website for Eodesk.

This format gives users a succinct glimpse of the firm’s activity with very intuitive browsing.

We successfully highlighted the human approach of the company with tons of graphics.

Content is logically structured, the visuals give it some kick and the Automne CMS puts page administration at the heart of the Quodagis multi-website platform. Bingo!

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