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    Osiris Investissements

    The other side of the world is in Toulouse

    Osiris Group has been specializing in real estate development for 30 years. Their distinction? They have agencies in Noumea and Toulouse, making it possible to find a home in Thailand, New-Caledonia or even Bali for your twilight years.
    WS helped these experts make their web portal a search space that is enjoyable and attractive so that investors and travelers can find the house for their keys.

    In the web kingdom, the user is king

    This real estate website had to meet the expectations of both Osiris and their users.

    Together we redefined users’ potential profiles and decided to use WordPress CMS for autonomous and smooth content management.

    There is a good side to collaboration: reduced costs and minimized delays. That’s another bonus of working with WS.

    Welcome to WS, web agency wonders

    The extensive knowledge of our technicians allowed us to incorporate an API on Osiris’ website. “Hum, excuse me, what’s an API?”

    An API is an interface that offers services to other software. In other words, it allowed us to construct interactive and intuitive content for this digital project.

    The website gives meaning to the group’s activity, eases access to information and optimizes the SEO.

    Isn’t it wonderful?

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