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International Association of Department Stores: an exquisite revamp

MegAgence’s virtual network of real estate agents is an audacious concept. Without any brick-and-mortar agencies, their expertise is found in the field…and on their web portal.

They needed a new web interface to match their cutting-edge network and their ingenious approach to real estate.


Digital ready-to-wear

IADS entrusted the reorganization of their website to WS. It meets several needs : adding value to existing data (which has been getting richer for 10 years now) by creating images to make it understandable.

Creating a management system for the new content which adapts to the new interface

Creating an access to a private member space that is visual and easy to reach.

The WS makeover

For WS, the extranet website revamp had to offer smooth and clear navigation with an efficient search engine to add value to the group’s data.

The website was conceived entirely by our bilingual team with the objective of piquing the interest of users worldwide.

The ergonomics are responsive, seductive and attractive, designed for rock-solid adaptability.

WS: always trendy, never out of style!