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Light-speed digital results!

MegAgence’s virtual network of real estate agents is an audacious concept. Without any brick-and-mortar agencies, their expertise is found in the field…and on their web portal.

They needed a new web interface to match their cutting-edge network and their ingenious approach to real estate.


The agency had two key priorities: content and user experience.

In order to interest potential customers while providing them a smooth and enjoyable research experience, WS took the reins and offered a revamp to match the company’s lofty ambitions: intuitive, modern and customer-focused.

WS moves into high gear

Speed does not mean carelessness, and the “Fast & Furious” WS team were side by side with MegAgence until the finishing line.

Speed means we can meet deadlines yet stay creative and innovative without  “one size fits all” solutions. Our solutions are always customized.

The new MegAgence website presents users with both a contemporary look and a personalized search system which guarantees customer satisfaction.

WS, digital a-go-go!