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SAFTI Prestige
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SAFTI Prestige

SAFTI Prestige’s website is linked to SAFTI’s corporate website but focuses on the company's luxury goods.


SAFTI Prestige

SAFTI Prestige is an extension of the SAFTI corporate website that showcases the luxury offers of this independent real estate agency.

This French network is growing rapidly and wanted to push their digital development to the limit.

This is why WS took the lead and guided them towards new web-design horizons. How neat!

SAFTI Prestige
SAFTI Prestige

No overly-complicated calculations for SAFTI Prestige

The group had several wishes for a webpage dedicated to their prestigious goods:

  • adapt the features to match those of SAFTI’s corporate website
  • structure the website content for smooth and enjoyable browsing
  • adjust graphics according to the profile of their target users

And last but certainly not least, it was important to link both websites to the same database.

Safti prestige

No crap-shoot for WS

Our team grasped the needs and limits of the SAFTI Prestige project. So instead of creating an entirely new catalog we made the choice to work from the existing SAFTI catalog.  Economy of scale was our goal. We created a refined internal search engine that focuses only on luxury goods in the global catalog.

WS has created a pleasant, relevant and intuitive UX that meets the requirements of the group with an interface as chic as the goods it
sells. How 'bout that?

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