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quodagis integration
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Quodagis Integration

This corporate website is hosted on the multi-website platform of the Quodagis Group.


Quodagis Integration embraces high-tech evolution

And another! Quodagis Integration (previously It-Tude) in Toulouse is a company in the Quodagis Group. It offers IT solutions for SME and large companies.

It needed a window and a corporate website to introduce the company's complex activities that would work for the global communication the group demands.

The project enchanted our team of digital geeks who successfully presented the company’s complex work with a simple approach.

quodagis integration
quodagis integration

Laying the foundations of the digital game

The Quodagis Integration Toulouse team entrusted their project to us and described very specific expectations:

  • a personalized logo and graphic charter
  • finding a web design solution to encourage subscription to the company’s webinars

All of it had to be incorporated into the multi-website platform of Quodagis Group. So here we go!

quodagis integration

WS does not say "impossible"

Our expert team quickly understood this challenge: to differentiate the company in a highly-competitive environment.

We built a personalized interface respecting the graphic charter of the group as well as the user thought process.

Clients now can easily find the information they are looking for thanks to different calls-to-action. Everything is accessible, visual and management is centralized with the Automne CMS.


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