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Adelya is on board with an adaptable website

Adelya is a software developer that created Loyalty Operator: an online solution for businesses and municipalities to foster customer loyalty.

The organization was in the development stage when it got in touch with WS for the presentation of its project.

We didn’t wait for Adelya to be 100% sure about their new approach before putting the site online. But don’t panic! It’s 100% adaptable: it will evolve with the company.

The digital takeover

Adelya’s team shared their requirements for the new platform with us: malleable ergonomics and a design adapted to their offer.

Launching their webpage before finalizing their catalogue was a win-win for Adeleya.

What’s better than getting some feedback about the interface and being able to evolve according to results?

Need for a web agency

Our web design engineers chose WordPress CMS. Why? Because it’s less costly but also really popular among website administrators.

We have designed playful and readable infographics which make access to information easier.

Management is autonomous and Adelya’s team can add new features in the course of its evolution.

All aboard the WS train !