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Loyalty Operator

Loyalty Operator swears allegiance to digital

Loyalty Operator is an e-commerce website belonging to Adelya, a company that offers loyalty solutions to small and medium-sized businesses.

The firm is in the development phase. What does that mean? Well it means that their offer is expanding! We are fortunate to have helped Adelya create their corporate website. 

Let’s go for a ride with Loyalty Operator. Let’s do this!

Always more autonomy and freedWS, your loyal web design partnerom!

Loyalty Operator generates creative solutions that attract new customers but also retain current ones.

The company thus needed a web interface which could meet certain criteria:

to be clear, simple and adaptable

to be able to integrate an online payment module

to address a multilingual audience.

Let us guide you

Our team has only one wish: to help you improve your digital communication.

We suggested 360° support to AdelyaStore in order to meet their ongoing need to digitally structure their offer.

They are now the lucky owners of an evolving, one-page, bilingual showcase website with autonomous management thanks to WordPress CMS. And they also have a fully-remodeled logo.