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    Institut d’Optique Graduate School

    The Optical Institute of Paris digitizes continuing education

    The Optical Institute of Paris is a prestigious training center which offers a large range of courses. The organization wanted to create a digital version of its paper catalog for its continuing education service.
    The WS team dives head-first into new digital opportunities, which is why we had it in our hearts to incorporate the institute’s paper catalog on-line. Hit me, Jack!

    Optical sees all

    The Institute had a PDF version of their training catalog on the existing website. Our goals were:

    to create a digital version of the catalog and to put it online

    to make information more accessible and to allow online registration

    to guarantee administrator autonomy for content management

    With all these keys, the WS team was ready to grasp the project with both hands!

    WS’s insights

    A subcategory of Institute’s website speaks primarily to a young audience. We thus created an interface that meets the needs and expectations of such users by giving it all a bit of oomph!

    Thanks to new graphic codes and restructuring information, the browsing experience is now smooth and enjoyable.

    The multi-criteria search filters make the content more accessible and fun to use. A responsive interface, full of pep, true to the zeitgeist

    A digital challenge? WS has a solution.

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