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Quodagis Digital Security

A platform for all and all for the multi-site

In the Quodagis family, we demand Digital Security! Once again, the WS team helped Quodagis in the development of its activity with the birth of a new site.

Quodagis Digital Security, advisor and expert in cybersecurity, chose the WS team as the web agency to preserve the Quodagis DNA for the new subsidiary site. 🧬

WS caters to the whole family of Quodagis sites, from the mother multisite down to the children subsites!👩‍👦‍👦

The Quodagis cross-platform heritage: Simplicity

Cybersecurity is a dense and complex subject. Yet, we were poised to build a simple and uncluttered site.

The new site had to keep in mind that this site not only depends on the Quodagis multi-site, but it must also convey the Quodagis graphic design identity and its style. As a consequence, our designers proposed a one-page site that facilitates navigation and access to all content.

Simple, basic and effective!

The web agency from within

At Quodagis, the marketing division is dealing with sibling departments – a web agency within the company! When a web agency works for an internal agency, that’s when chemistry happens.

To capture this reaction, we offered a solution that would make the management of these different brands more fluid.

By using our homemade CMS Automne as the solution, we benefited from: an ergonomic interface a quick start ease of use

We are already looking forward to expanding the family! 👪