Community management: develop your visibility on social networks

Community management: develop your visibility on social networks
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Develop your visibility on social networks

Are you looking to develop your digital presence via social networks, but don’t know where to start? Specialized in community management for several years, the web agency is here to help you.🧭

Increase community involvement

To develop your presence on social networks, it’s important to get to know your community. Each social network has its own target audience, and therefore its own strategy!

First point: you need to adapt your content to the platform and the user.

To do this, you need to understand what your followers/visitors like, which posts they react to most (or least), and also at what times they are most present.

Increasing the engagement of your community starts with the overall interaction of your publications.

The first step in gaining your community’s approval? The like.

Important, yes, but not enough. You also need to involve your subscribers by asking for their opinions and feedback… The aim is to create a real exchange with your community.

Think about the different means of interaction to go beyond a like (depending on your tone and wording!). This will generate greater investment on the part of your audience, and therefore better engagement.

And don’t forget! Engagement starts with creating an appointment, so don’t forget to post regularly!

Measuring performance on social networks

To find out how engaged your community is on your networks, you can directly measure your performance.

How can you do it?

Much simpler than web performance tools, all social networks (LinkedIn, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok…) offer various in-house solutions for tracking your statistics on a daily basis.

You can analyze the performance of each piece of content, so you can see which are the most popular and which are the least.

In this way, you’ll be able to better understand the type of content that pleases and makes people interact, so you can continue to create relevant content for your community.

You’ll find a complete audit including global audience and traffic statistics, as well as several KPIs:

Your impressions,

Your interactions (comments, shares…),

The reach of your publications,

Audience evolution over time,

Evolution of the volume of interactions with your content,

Click-through rate…

A little tip from WS: When you’re just starting out, consider publishing your content on different days and at different times, to find out what your ideal time slot is.
In short, a wealth of valuable resources for fine-tuning your community management strategy.

Creating quality content on your social networks

Creating content is good, creating good content is better.

Once you’ve studied your community, using the different platforms available to you, it’s important to produce content that meets your needs, as well as those of your digital community.

Have a clear editorial line

You need to define an editorial line for a given period. For example: create a quarterly or annual editorial calendar…

The objective? Organize and plan your digital content.

Whether in the form of a global strategy, a chestnut or an editorial calendar, it’s essential to choose a web strategy that’s adapted to your sector of activity and your followers.

You need to determine when to publish, on which social networks (according to your targets and objectives) and what themes to cover for each of your content items.

Note: publication times vary according to social networks. For example, for :

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, publish preferably between 11am and 6pm,

LinkedIn, publish preferably in the morning, between 8am and 12pm.

There’s nothing like an adapted editorial line to improve your digital presence and interaction!

Are you at a loss? Our web agency can help you create an editorial calendar tailored to your needs and targets. But that’s not all we do! Construction workshops, editorial strategy, copywriting support… Contact us! 😉

Offer authentic, polished content

What better way to impact your digital community and arouse their interest than to offer bold, original content? To achieve this, the web agency advises you to adapt your posts to each social network, using the functionalities of each.

More concretely, you can:

Create stories on Facebook and Instagram,

Offer a variety of content such as videos, photos, visuals, etc,

Liven up your page with polls, interactive posts or carousels (example: on LinkedIn).

And above all, make sure your posts add value! It’s much more professional to broadcast a photo taken on the spot or a visual created in-house, than photos from royalty-free image databases.

How to write well on social networks

Having good content to share is all well and good, but it’s even better if it’s accompanied by powerful text!

Wording is an essential part of community management. Different from web copywriting or copywriting, it’s all the text associated with a publication.

What can you do to perfect your wording? You need to define a writing angle and take into account a number of elements, including your objectives, the people you want to target (persona), the tone you want to adopt (depending on your community and the social network you use), your lexical fields (define your key words and hashtags)…

You’ll always get more engagement on social networks with a well-thought-out, dynamic message that adds value!

Your messages must call for interaction. If you get your wording right, your followers will want to have their say!

Case study: web agency support for the Valab company

At WS, we help companies develop their digital presence, in order to increase their visibility, meet new prospects, create an employer brand…

This is the case for Valab, a company specializing in the creation of software for analysis laboratories. After redesigning their website in 2019, we accompanied them at the beginning of 2022 in their strategy on social networks, and more specifically on Linkedin!

On the agenda? Setting up a digital strategy, presenting an SMO strategy for Linkedin, creating graphic consistency (cover page…), adding Linkedin to the website footer, writing wording and designing posts & regular training!

The aim? Gradually gain independence for the Valab company and have all the keys in hand for effective management of their Linkedin page!

The result after more than a year of collaboration? Consistent graphics on all posts, a high engagement rate, a clear increase in traffic (+41%), and autonomy in the management of their Linkedin page! To stay on course and continue to evolve, every quarter we analyze the statistics together, in order to adapt to Valab’s targets and needs.

Valab testimonial:

We called on WS interactive for our SMO strategy in 2022. From implementation to support, Morgane and Cécile demonstrated their professionalism, attentiveness and responsiveness; qualities that are necessary and indispensable for successful community management. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with WS interactive next year. VALAB – Ludivine Drougat – Export Manager

Tailor-made support, to give them the keys to understanding what they need to gain independence in managing their Linkedin account and developing content!

Want to develop your digital presence? Our web agency can help you design your community management strategy. To find out more, contact us 😉