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Content strategy is an approach that allows you to take charge of the dialogue you want to have with your users.
Content strategy is both fundamental and necessary for optimizing your visibility.

Take our word for it:  one try and you'll be hooked.

Positioning strategy

Your brand, organization or company has a personality. With well-written storytelling, you can bring that identity to life and ensure that your message makes an impact!  Make your users remember and your competitors take notice!

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Stand out from the crowd!

WS will help you become even more unique and attractive online.


Let's bet on your originality

Don’t be afraid of being unique. It’s your strength! We really get that.  Make yourself shine!


We personalize your online presence

We'll meet with you regularly so we can build you a lasting, unrivaled and evolving online presence.

Design & development specifications

Respecting your specifications is one of our guilty pleasures. We understand the functional and technical requirements of your project and adapt them to your budget. Our solutions are always a precise answer to your needs, always tailor-made, always creative.

Cahier des Charges

Step 1: Understanding everything

The team listens to you and can grasp the ins and outs of your needs.

Cahier des Charges

Attention to precision

No detail is too small! That's one of our hidden strengths: everything is cal-cu-la-ted.

Cahier des Charges

Always adaptable

Our solutions are precise and robust, but always flexible. Perfect for the ever-changing universe of web design!

Define your site map with hierarchy

A great website in many ways is determined by the quality of the site map. Often underrated and undervalued, when a user arrives to your website, they must be guided easily and logically according to their needs. Site maps that help the user save time and reach their destination intuitively will always be recognized as great sites, no matter the design.

Content Strategy puts the site map front and center of the design and content writing phase. Besides, have you ever seen a website without one? Even one-pagers have a structure, because each page always requires its ‘headings’ map.


Back to school

Remember those school reports? Use an academic approach to your structure


What comes first?

Hard question, easy answer. Give the user what they want first


What’s a site map?

Not sure what this all about? Don’t worry, we got it all covered

Last, but not least

Since the beginning, the WS team has always focused on marketing, new technologies and communications design.

Our experts have a global mastery the digital environment, guaranteeing a strategy adapted to your users.

This synergy has become our strength in the digital sphere. Sharing this expertise with you is what gets us out of bed!

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