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Website creation and redesign


Your website is a window on your company and its conception is crucial to ensure the durability of your brand image.

At WS, we know the importance of this step and are committed to listening to understand your needs and goals. We work hand in hand with our partners to guarantee the creation of striking digital windows which always meet your expectations.


Corporate websites

Our creations allow you to boost your online activity, your products and your service offer. We magnify your brand image and give your company or organization the digital visibility it deserves!


Leap from the shadows

We can help you shine online. With high-performance tools, accurate content strategy and always oodles of originality.


Be singular

Because what sets you apart is your greatest strength, WS highlights your uniqueness.


Adopt the Wow! touch

You always need a touch of magic to shine in the eye of users. WS helps you to reach the inner child! Voila!

CMS (Content Management System)

The choice of a suitable CMS is the key to a clear-eyed administration of your website. Thanks to Drupal, Automne or even WordPress, WS provides you with different easy-to-handle tools that will allow you to manage your website all by yourself.



Good communication starts with listening...WS' strength! This is why our proposals always hit the bullseye!


Let's prioritize maneuverability

What we love most of all is to make web design accessible to all. Our choices allow you to handle and reshuffle your interface without limits.


Playful & intuitive

Easy as a summer breeze, you will never have a web design experience like the one you will have with WS!


At WS, we do not only create websites for big accounts. We can give you an efficient interface to control your stock, manage your clients and do your invoicing, whatever size company you are.

We can help you improve your online payment system (whether via a bank connection or Paypal) to make online payment a piece of cake for your users. Moreover, thanks to APIs, your platform will be linked directly to your dedicated software. For any size of online boutique and from anywhere (B2B, B2C and even B2B2C), WS is committed to making your marketplace a technical, reliable and secure platform.



This is the WS spirit: always innovate, invent and push the limits of web design with original projects that aim far and wide!



Our tailor-made solutions always respect your expectations, limits, dreams, wishes, budget…on time and always with a smile!



Follow-up is essential to us. We work hard to verify the impact of our solutions online, to analyze them and to adapt them according to results.

Online catalogs

Our prime objective? To enhance your products, services and offer on a modern and playful website. Thanks to innovative search tools, a structured search base, powerful API and evolving web services, we can guarantee a personalized and exclusive interface.


A little makeover

Because catalogs serve to highlight your company's offer, why not get a WS web makeover for greater efficiency?


An ultra-playful choice

We make your interface a browsing space that is simplified for an optimized UX.


100% personalized

We don't want to make every catalog the same. We showcase your personality and identity with tailor-made web solutions.

Event websites

Whether you choose a one-page website or not, with WS you can rest assured that your website will be cool, elegant, intuitive and pleasant to use. We pay the same attention to detail whatever format you choose for your digital goals. These very specific websites are certainly small, but always powerful.


Be hip

There is no room for being outdated. A small or big website, it doesn’t matter! WS puts it all together to help you stay in step with the times!


The guilty pleasures of browsing

Nothing speaks for itself like a totally smooth interface. We put an emphasis on the browsing experience to fully please your web users.


Everything must be punchy

At WS, we’re not heart-fainted! Don't hesitate, let’s collaborate!  Let's really blow your users away!

Institutional portals

At WS, we've had a proven track record on institutional website creation and revamping since the beginning of the agency. Our content and design are adapted to the needs of administrative agencies and aim to be enjoyable for both citizens and elected officials. Everyone benefits from an optimal browsing experience.


A peachy side

Who says institutions don’t deserve a interface with a strong personality?   Not WS!


Stay clear

We know these platforms are brimming with information. We’re here to help you stay understandable to everyone.


Both modern and civic-minded: it IS possible

Sometimes a little bit of change does you good. We swear! Don’t hesitate to stay up-to-date and on top of digital trends.

Last, but not least

At WS, we work on a large range of projects with creativity, performance, and efficiency always in mind. Our solutions are expertly-built and can adapt to the current technological revolution moving at breakneck speed.

By trusting our team, we guarantee the conception or revamping of a website which reflects your communication goals and corporate vision.

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