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At WS, we want to support you from A to Z. This is why we offer a myriad of vital extra services for running your website correctly and adapting it quickly to emerging digital developments. Our offer is global: we create, we host, we maintain, we teach and assist you, we delegate and we set you free.

Our priority? To advise you during this partnership on the best ways to harness our passion: the digital world.


Web hosting

We offer total management of a dedicated hosting environment and we guarantee security, optimized and reduced loading times, technical support in case of vulnerability…you don’t have to take care of anything, from website creation to hosting.

Performance, security, redundancy, and adaptability are the requirements for our hosting services. With 24/7 info-management, we opted for the “sleep soundly” solution.


WS takes care of everything

We are equipped from head to toe in order to host your interface for more simplicity and less things for you to do!


Safe & sound

Your trust means we guarantee totally safe hosting on our servers.  We are scrupulously dedicated to both security and reliability.


How are you going to name it?

If you don’t already have your own domain name…shame on you! ;) But that’s ok, we forgive you! We can also take care of that.


While delivering your website (and afterwards), we can train you to use the tools you need to manage your interface, such as a CMS, tailor-made features...even third-party tools.

Making your life easier and helping you administer your website? That's the mission of WS: Web Superheroes!


We share our knowledge

We couldn't be prouder than when sharing what we know how to do best. Dare to seize control of your website management!


Become autonomous

There is no bigger freedom than autonomy. You will be entirely capable of handling your content, features, evolution…but we will always be here to help if needed!


The boss is in on it too

Our tools are built to be intuitive…even the boss can make modifications as easy as pie. Because even a CEO needs training!


WS offers services to help you get familiar with your website until you know how to manage it entirely by yourself. Because even though your website will always be intuitive, you may need a little help to master it!

We offer you real-time support, a hotline you can contact at anytime if you need assistance as the administrator of your website.


Personalized help

Because each website is different, the daily help and answers WS provides are unique and specific for yours.


You have the floor

You can call on our technicians from anywhere, all the time, for anything (even just to say hi!). And that’s pretty sweet.


Infinitely renewable

By committing to  WS, you make a lifelong web ally. Request as much as you need, we are here to help your digital presence grow!


This service is part of the process of delegating the management of your website. Maintenance includes software updates and technical support. In other words, if you face an issue, whatever its nature, dedicated members of our team will find a solution. And thanks to our collaborative support platform it has never been easier to follow the management of your issues.

Instant reactivity: that is also the WS organization, true customer proximity!


Need mending?

We all have the right to make mistakes...and that thanks to that, we learn! And that’s just fine: WS agents will always be available to help you.


Behind your evolution

Tools also need to grow: the web is a universe in perpetual movement! The agency is there with regular updates and daily follow-up.


All about reactivity

Time is crucial. We pay attention to time and that is why customer service is a priority. The agency supports you during your digital (r)evolution.


Last, but not least

Our partnerships have allowed us to build a network of experts around our agency. Our ambition is to guarantee high reactivity and faultless implementation. We foster a relationship of trust with our customers in which proximity and privileged assistance are one.

Convinced already? We are too!

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