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Because mobile apps are used everywhere, all the time and by everyone. Because every company wants to meet their clients’ expectations. Because cross-channel communication is key to a well-delivered, widely-diffused and well-understood message. Because WS is eager to be your digital evolution partner.  That's why our team of engineers has also created mobile applications in harmony with your communication strategy.


iOS & Android App

Our team works on solid, light technologies for all kind of apps, adding ergonomic features such as swiping and zooming. We can connect your apps to your database in order to centralize all your customer information with an emphasis on security, reliability and robustness. Whether it is native development or hybrid solutions such as React-Native, our knowledge allows us to meet every app need: geolocation, online payment, personal data storage...



Apps are the hallmark of our digital era. By creating yours, you’re joining a technology revolution. Are you ready?


Security first

The strength of these little digital gems: security. Have no fear! WS is at the cutting edge of reliability.


Strong as Popeye

With all the information they contain, you have to make sure they’re robust. No worries: WS' engineering team has a daily diet of digital spinach.

Last, but not least

At WS, we have a deep well of engineering skills that allow our web designers to push the limits of creativity.  We bring a modern and light touch to every interface.

Our development techniques, algorithms and the attention we pay to user experience always push us farther in our quest to make your digital dreams a reality.

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