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For the development of your corporate identity and environment, there's no question: creative strength and web design are crucial!

Design and image are inseparable from a well-functioning website.

At WS, we always place the human being at the heart of our digital thinking to make your interface easy-to-read and easy-to-use.

Always with a unique and tailor-made touch of "Wow!", of course...


Graphic conception

A graphic concept is the foundation of your online image, something like your digital DNA. It has to communicate your company's goals and preserve its identity, going beyond ergonomics to send the right message about what it is you do. Thanks to our tailor-made content strategy, we design interfaces in a spirit of interactivity. Playful, seductive or classic, our graphic concepts are carefully designed to perfectly reflect the soul of your company in its digital platform.

graphic conception


As web savants we are guided by our thirst for innovation. And you can see that in our digital solutions.

graphic conception


We always pay careful attention so we can provide appropriate and error-free answers.

graphic conception


We are not just digital technicians and experts, but artists who are eager to lend a helping hand.


Nowadays, user experience is the measure of everything, so the user interface is at the forefront when creating your webpage. The quality of the design and the ergonomics must never fail if you expect to have a striking result which meets your visitors' highest expectations.


Sleek and agile

With highly efficient and innovative work methods, our technicians still have a lot left to say!


Ingenuous engineers

WS' web artists have a lot of tricks up their sleeves. We put our vision of tomorrow’s web at the service of your digital ambitions.



We love adapting to the technological evolution of  the bustling web universe. But we do more than adapt - we anticipate what's next and think beyond today to find solutions for tomorrow's digital world.

Logo & Graphic charter

Our expertise allows us to define and formalize graphic rules that will result in a webpage reflecting your corporate image.

We also consider your logo from multiple perspectives so we can ensure that your digital interface is consistent through and through. Our pleasure!


Flexible, and then some

At the agency we know we sometimes have to bend over backwards for our clients. And that's just perfect: we love adaptability.  And yoga!


Overflowing with imagination

We are boiling over with ideas we want to put at your service. Do you fancy something extraordinary?


Boisterous but pertinent rascals

The team may not (always) have its energy under control, but our unique proposals are perfectly-suited to your needs. Always.

Zoning / Wireframe

Don't worry, behind these technical and complicated words is a concept that is as simple as it is essential to the construction of a high-performance website. It's basically a question of structuring the skeleton of your website content as a blueprint before we create and build upon it.

It's like a bridge between your digital strategy and the graphic conception.


The foundation

For impeccable results, we always go over the models we create with a fine-toothed comb.


Refined strategies

Our work is always thoroughly thought out so we can outsmart the numerous obstacles the internet puts in our path.


Always proactive

We never leave you alone in front of a blank page! At WS we believe in participation and collaboration.

Last, but not least

In the crowded world of web design, creativity is what usually makes something stand out. For WS, understanding the needs and technical challenges of the web is essential. Creativity and innovation must be at the heart of digital conception.

Every day we push the limits of our imagination to offer you attractive and unique solutions.

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