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    Académie de Toulouse

    The Academy’s web math problem to improve internal recruitment

    Solve the following equation: If x = Académie de Toulouse (the local education district office), and Académie de Toulouse = (intranet + recruitment space), what is x? You must take into account that the Académie de Toulouse is a long-time client.

    Answer: WS Interactive, the Académie’s partner web agency, then manages the redesign of the internal recruitment space. The result is a streamlined platform.

    HR strategy + UX = intuitive platform

    The recruitment platform is one the Academie de Toulouse’s strategic pillars. And to facilitate internal hiring, the client needed to change the design and ergonomics of the platform. We therefore proposed a simple design and a more intuitive UX for its employees.

    Académie de Toulouse + WS Interactive = local commitment

    The Académie de Toulouse is a committed employer in the Toulouse region. This was an important opportunity for us to participate in the economic life of our chère ville en rose. At WS Interactive, being a local actor brings us closer to Toulouse.

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