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A new website for the healthcare service tomorrow

Cell-Easy is the only pharmaceutical laboratory in France to produce stem cells. Cell-Easy, a start-up founded in 2017,  is a CDMO (Contract Development Manufacturing Organization) specialized in cell therapy.

It is at the heart of innovation in this field by offering various services related to regenerative medicine or immuno-oncology.

Every day, its mission is to develop innovative therapies for future generations while following a protocol of quality and permanent control.

Web agency revisions

Cell-Easy contacted our web agency, WS Interactive, and gave us a challenge: designing a website combining innovation and interactivity. And the challenge? Make technical and scientific on cell and gene therapy accessible and attractive. The project kicked off with a symbiotic partnership between cellular experts and binary specialists!

The project went beyond just a redesign.  The Cell Easy site called for a real transformation and high-powered results, which we hope you find in your searches!

A symbiosis born of a web agency and a CDMO

European leader of Contract Development and Manufacturing Organizations, Cell Easy has placed its trust in us to support them in the (re)design of their project.

Protocol of the experience: content strategy, custom graphics and execution in compliance with Front / Back End optimization measures.

Expected result : provide a development framework conducive to the development of the tailor-made CDMO services offered by Cell Easy.

Components of the experimentation environment: a lot of communication, ability to adapt and reactivity!

Executive team members: Cell Easy and WS Interactive team

Our common point ? Tailor-made development and design, even in different business sectors! This is where the strength came from that allowed us to move forward on the same wavelength by combining know-how and technical expertise.

The Cell-Easy site today reflects the dynamism of a start-up, the desire to innovate. An energy that did not leave the WS team indifferent: the web agency was able to highlight this vitality through numerous interactive diagrams combining technical content and aesthetic representation!

The lesson learned from the experience of this site? Proof by A + B that WS knows how to give itself the means to carry out all types of projects, even for a niche activity!

Faithful to our collaborations, we try every day to evolve to better meet the expectations and needs of our customers. And this by providing technical work linking both content strategy and personalization of the site.

Calling on WS Interactive means calling on a team of experts for a friendly UX site… and making it sell easy!  😜