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BGH:  starting (almost) from 0

Let’s start from the beginning : BGH is a highly-connected and 100% local accounting firm. “Oh really? Accounting can be digital? Of course it can! In fact, their different web applications allow their clients to follow-up every process directly on the platform.

As true as 2 + 2 = 4, the group is as fastidious as it is innovative. Brilliant !

Accounting plus innovation equals perfection

BGH wanted to rebrand itself to be more refined, trendy and dynamic, just like the company. 

This new design couldn’t betray the meticulous and methodical culture of the group.

Our relentless web designers bent over backwards to assist in offering a sophisticated, radiant and very connected design.

An innovative makeover

By working hand in hand with the firm, the remake of the BGH website went according to forecast: on time and on budget.

We restructured the content to provide beautiful and elegant navigation.

So, when will you sign up for your web makeover with WS?