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OPUS Développement

Digital marketing web-to-property

OPUS Développement are the kings of real estate promotion and property planning in the south of France.

They needed a marketing tool to promote the sale of their real estate projects. Their commitment to high-quality architecture that blends into the landscape and environment had to be highlighted on their interface.

A good omen from the land of lavender and sunshine. WS didn’t hesitate for a minute!

News from cicada country

The goal was easy; highlight the group’s two offers: land and real estate for sale. Most importantly, it had to accentuate their passion for the Provençal way of life.

How did we make it happen? Well, we created two distinct sections structured with aesthetic visuals coherent with the OPUS brand.

So let’s go south and enjoy the fields of olive trees!

Everything’s new under the web agency sun

OPUS had a real need for marketing and branding. Our web architects carefully arranged the digital landscape and put users at the heart of the design.

Browsing their catalog was made easy and the website allows users to sign up for the latest offers.

With harmonious, bright, authentic, inviting and “Provençal” graphics…

Will you yield to WS’ charm?