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AHJUCAF changes digital robes

AHJUCAF is an association created in 2001 dedicated to sharing juridical knowledge and documents between members.

The association called on WS to create an interface that would put their international users at the heart of the browsing experience.

Webdesign on trial

To us, digital trials are wonderful, especially for our digital “righters of wrongs” who applied web design justice to everything. It’s our sacred guideline!

We thus suggested new ergonomics for AHJUCAF’s website to help members and public users not get lost in the vast quantity of available documents.

To this end we integrated tools such as a search engine, a forum, an interactive map… 

Yes, please and thank you, Your Honor!

Web agency verdict

Our team of passionate web designers were advocates for restyled graphics and ergonomics which put the user experience at the center of the AHJUCAF website revamp.

We also put ourselves in shoes of the website administrators, who had no experience with content management. An offer that focused on an intuitive back-office interface that is also adaptable thanks to Drupal CMS.

WS, once again guilty of digital ingenuity!