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    Conseil Départemental Aveyron

    The Regional Council of Aveyron asks for help

    I am the south-west French territory of aligot and the fougasse; I am in the administrative region of Occitania; I am home to exceptional landmarks such as Millau and the Grands Causses…I am, I am? Aveyron, of course!

    The regional council wanted a web portal that was contemporary and would ease certain administrative processes by digitizing them.

    Innovation and modernity are our hobbyhorse. Let’s get a move on!

    The vast web territory of Aveyron

    No doubt about it, creating a portal for the regional department of Aveyron was a wide-ranging project. Indeed, there was a lot of data to bring together: useful information, practical services, user accounts…

    We conceived a visually attractive, logically structured and easily manageable interface. Yes, it is possible!

    WS, web agency to the rescue!

    Our team delivered a formidable blow by digitizing 24 administrative services for the citizens and elected representatives of Aveyron.

    We pamper website visitors because now they can easily browse a handy and harmonious interface.

    The administrative team of the council can also add mini-websites dedicated to sports, education, cultural activities…easy and unlimited!

    A piece of cake. Really.A true piece of cake.

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