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The Direction générale de l’Administration et de la Fonction publique: educate yourself in one click

WS had the chance to work hand in hand with the General Direction of Administration and Public Service to create a unique web application! The institution was looking for digital solutions to manage the inter-ministerial training of regional civil servants.

Undeterred, our team rolled up their sleeves and ran at full creative speed!

A simple application for a complex organization

This DGAFP project needed to meet certain criteria such as:

recording attendance sheets for online courses

giving administrators access to attendance reports

structuring information to make it easy to understand

integrating an online registration module

A big challenge which fed our hungry web designers!

A big challenge which fed our hungry web designers!

The WS hallmark 

Our digital solution overcame each obstacle to offer the DGAFP tailor-made web applications.

The structure now has personalized and easy-to-manage, region-by-region administration thanks to Automne CMS.

The intuitive interface with consistent content gives an overview of courses and users can get detailed information in one click.

Responsive and quality UX in abundance, THAT is the WS guarantee!