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SYDOM Aveyron

SYDOM-Aveyron: a user-friendly institutional website

The Syndicat Départemental des Ordures Ménagères de l’Aveyron (SYDOM) is an organization that manages (some of the) waste in Aveyron. The organization works to make the region as clean as possible. They called WS to create a website that adds value to the entity and its actions for the community in order to guide citizens in the recycling process of their everyday household waste.

Recycling: everybody’s business!

Sydom’s website speaks to a large audience. It had to adopt an educational, encouraging and engaging tone to foster closeness and solidarity within the community.

In order to unite department residents, we conceived an interface that:

inventories dynamic anecdotes in the “Did you know?” section

favors pictograms and other visual elements in the website

adopts a sparkling color code and encourages a sense of closeness with its visitors

For WS, it was essential that this institutional platform was pleasant and easy to use.

WS participates in your digital revolution

We decided to prioritize the autonomy of administrators with our Automne CMS. It definitely makes their lives easier and encourages them to update regularly.

This project is one of the agency’s first. From the beginning of the WS adventure, we concentrated on content strategy. This is why the Sydom website is not your typical institutional interface: it is functional and browsing it is truly enjoyable.

Our creative web design efforts allowed us to adapt quite easily to a responsive interface, 2 years after its conception.