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The digital catalog of the CCMAV

The Communauté de Communes des Monts d’Alban et du Villefranchois (a mouthful, we know!) is no less than 15 regional governments of the Tarn and Occitanie.

Born from the territorial reshuffling initiated by the French government in 2013, the group shares knowledge and techniques for regional development.

This lovely solidarity project needed an interface which presents the community and its municipalities. WS joined their team to support them in their digital renaissance.

One for all and all for one!

The CCMAV had two principal goals for this webdesign adventure: 

  • to represent all the municipalities on one sole website
  • to meet all of its citizens’ needs
  • to inform visitors about the group’s activities

Our WS team worked really hard on the content strategy to ensure readability…because the website is overflowing with information. And much, much more!

WS puts in its two cents

Our web designers structured the CCMAV ‘s content to make it smooth and readable.

The platform now makes it possible for each and every municipality to add pertinent information even though it’s managed by only one administrator.

Information can be accessed through a multitude of paths; for example, an interactive map which now lists more than 460 elements!

A fun, responsive and intuitive platform. Check !