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Umantic connects with WS, again

Umantic (previously Quodagis Consulting) offers network and telecommunication services in France and abroad.

Anelectrifying adventure!

The web agency deploys your digital line

Umantic needed to present their core values online while maintaining its own visual identity.

It had to offer a smooth browsing experience and allow users to easily search for information on the interface.

They entrusted us with their plan to digitize their human resources management. The WS team quickly grasped the message and enjoyed untying the knots.

Stay connected

The WS crew proposed constructing a one-page website with the Automne CMS to ensure simple and adaptable administration.

The tailor-made website is distinct from the other pages of the multi-website platform yet respects the graphic charter of the corporation.

You can find the values of the company on the website and job offers are accessible and easily to edit… So, when will you let us boost your website ?