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    French Renewable Energy

    French expertise abroad: renewable energy in digital transition

    The French Renewable Energy Association wanted to launch a web platform that would promote French firms working in bio-energy, wind energy, solar energy, geothermal energy, hydroelectricity, marine renewable energies, energy efficiency… Wow! That’s a lot of projects to promote.
    But more web means more innovation, right? So let’s go!

    Ecology and web design: everybody’s priority

    The French Renewable Energy Association federates firms in the renewable energy sector.

    French companies need to be known internationally for their audacious projects.

    WS offered a solution: an immersive, multi-criteria and intuitive search tool with a responsive design.

    Web agency impact

    The French Renewable Energy Association website now offers ecologically-committed companies the opportunity to be recognized worldwide for their capabilities.

    Their expertise, projects, visions, profiles and geographic locations are presented on an interactive map: the heart of the user experience.

    An adaptable website that will be efficient for many generations to come, that’s THE WS touch!

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