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Logement Direct

The website introduces a catalog of real-estate properties and allows investors to make offers.

Content Strategy

Logement Direct bets on web design

Logement Direct is THE web-based real-estate promoter with prices to beat any competitor.

The company needed a web interface built to make the company come up first in search engine results.

Our WS experts thus created a website which places investors at the heart of the project to create a unique browsing experience and ensure an efficient SEO.

Logement Direct
Logement Direct

A highly-competitive SEO

For the Logement Direct team, differentiating their website from the competition was essential.

At WS, we love people who think outside of the box like we do, so we established a double strategy:

  • with keywords to optimize SEO
  • with content to attract the right target during Google searches

Creative, engaging and structured content: the keys to success!

WS’ expert hands

Our web engineers conceived a thorough website which focuses on the user and their browsing experience.

Potential investors can easily access information about the law and the properties that interest them, according to their needs and expectations.

We also trained company site admins so that they can add content in full autonomy.

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