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Groupe Quodagis

Quodagis conducts a digital quartet

The Quodagis Group is composed of four companies: Vialis, Eodesk, IT-Tude and Umantic. They all assist other companies with their digital transformation.

The group needed to create a website that introduces the parent company as well as its holdings, each one unique…yet consistent.

WS joined the quartet and a set new tone for Quodagis and its four musicians.

Digital music

This group is by nature immersed in the digital world so they had concrete requirements for its web debut:

  • economy of scale for the entire project
  • sharing each website’s information on one common database
  • making the interface administrators free and autonomous

Let’s roll back our sleeves: here come our personalized and innovative solutions!

WS: your web design composer

For the Quodagis Group project, our team had several choices:

  • the graphic charters and logos of each company had to be unique but compatible
  • each website had its own
  • URL interface management is handled by one administrator using Automne CMS.

The site architecture is unique and information is shared.

Join our nutty digital brass band!

Sweet words

What was at stake for us was creating a multi-website platform which included all of Quodagis’ legal entities.

We were reassured by WS Interactive’s discipline, which accompanied us all along this project. They were attentive to our needs and developed a multi-website management platform which can handle each website of the group. Thanks to this architecture, we have been able to respect economy of scale and optimize data-sharing between our legal entities.

Thanks to its reactivity and dynamism, the WS team knew how to appreciate what was at stake with this project and make highly-appreciated suggestions. It is a pleasure to work with them.

Bérengère LABEAUTE, Marketing Director

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