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Our works | Radio France - Hommage à Pierre Boulez
Radio France - Hommage à Pierre Boulez

This is an elegant window website created to celebrate the talent of the composer Pierre Boulez.


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Radio France and WS pay tribute to Pierre Boulez

Radio France wanted to celebrate the artist Pierre Boulez for a radio program on the 16th of March, 2015.

It was fundamental to reflect the virtuoso's avant-gardism and his unparalleled talent as a conductor.

We had 3 weeks to create a unique window website. No wrong notes or cutting corners. WS set the tone for this spectacular project!

Radio France - Hommage à Pierre Boulez
Radio France - Hommage à Pierre Boulez

To our music stands!

Thanks to daily rehearsals with the Radio France team and one very fruitful dress rehearsal, we successfully grasped the webpage's goals:

  • to tell the life story of the conductor and his milestones as an artist
  • to create an elegant and attractive platform in just 3 weeks

Not one minute more.  Break a leg, maestro!

Web design challenges: WS is the boss!

Our orchestra of web engineers composed a “ready to wear” one-page website for Radio France that's both interactive and original.

One can discover a multimedia retrospective of Pierre Boulez: pictures, videos, slideshows and audio samples...pleasure for both eyes and ears.

The interface offers fun and entertaining reading thanks to an aesthetic that matches the personality of Pierre Boulez. Fortissimo!

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