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MiPih: a benchmark in e-health

MiPih supports healthcare establishments with complete digital solutions. As the French leader in hospital information systems, MiPih offers software adapted to manage health care paths, patients, administration, finance and human resources. These large logistics systems require high standards and quality as they are designed to facilitate the daily lives of healthcare professionals.

MiPih entrusted the web agency WS to do a total redesign of their website. MiPih wanted a new web presence to match its authority in e-health and match its ambitions.  

MiPih chose WS for its know-how and its ability to offer quality back-office in order to manage sensitive content, in a secure and reliable manner.

Always more autonomy and freedom!

The site was delivered in two stages with very tight deadlines. This project therefore required flexibility in organization and some flexibility in scheduling to adapt to the needs of the client.  The WS team stepped up and quickly prioritized to meet the challenges of time management, creation, organization and technique.

MiPih was scheduled to showcase their site at a key event. The WS team had to build a first version in a short time frame. The result was a smooth running initial version delivered on time. The final, complete version perfected the first one a short time later.

A true partnership

To face this challenge, MiPih and WS combined their resources into one, solid team. This quickened the progress, especially around the graphic design, after many fruitful discussions!

In the end, MiPih received a quality site, customized to its needs.  The MiPih site is built to evolve with the company.  Thanks to Drupal, our team was able to carry out a tailor-made site.