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Hôpital Sourire

The goal? Keep smiling!

The association is behind various actions and projects to fight against patient isolation and lighten hospital stays. This involves financing live shows, activities, equipment or even rearranging living spaces.

WS Interactive had the pleasure of redesigning the website for the association Hôpital Sourire (Hospital Smile) to redesign its website. For 25 years, this association has been engaging in the heart of Occitanie hospitals, to soften the daily lives of patients, children and the elderly, weakened by illness.

WS Interactive had to deliver a brand new site at the level of the Hôpital Sourire, representing its missions and all of its actions while addressing all those concerned.

Patients, volunteers, donors and partners

This new site had to reach and clearly address four different targets: the patient seeking information, the future volunteer wishing to join the association, the possible donor and the future partner wishing to support the association.

The site focuses on the patient, the heart of the activity. However, the web project should not forget the volunteers and other actors essential to the proper functioning of the association: partners and donors.

While putting the patient at the heart of the project, the site must encourage future volunteers to join the association and convince potential partners to raise funds. The site must also showcase the association and make it simple to give a donation.

A design worth a thousand words

The design work was meticulous as it must speak to all the targets. In order to convey the right messages effectively, the visuals played an important role.

The team worked on the colors, the font, the icons and the design, for a result that was simple and playful, yet still serious. Though it was a challenge, the final product was amicable and elegant.

Each target finds the information they are looking for, and the association finally has the digital identity it deserves!