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Autonomous vehicles bring us into the future

An inspiring international company, EasyMile offers intelligent autonomous vehicle solutions! Their autonomous technology is designed and developed to come to our aid on a daily basis, but also to transport goods on short and closed circuits.

Modulated and programmed to avoid accidents and react to certain situations, these intelligent and innovative vehicles are the beginning of the future that is more ambitious and demanding! Carrying baggage today, they will transport our humans tomorrow without concern.

The web agency WS, always a fan of new technologies and keen on innovation, was immediately excited to collaborate on their website project. A website in their image, international, modern and futuristic, as well as accessible!

A classic corporate site for a very international project

For this great project, our main challenge was to take into account the international context of the company. Our team had to concentrate on delivering a classic corporate site. It wasn’t the hard part. The real issue was to provide convincing features (a better user profile, for example) and above all to insure access to all publics. Because EasyMile does not play local, but global, that is their strength!

The company and all of their projects are international. The web agency WS has therefore established an international strategy to carry out such a project. And COVID did not slow down the development of the site. The virtual meetings between different continents allowed the site to move forward despite the situation!

While putting the patient at the heart of the project, the site must encourage future volunteers to join the association and convince potential partners to raise funds. The site must also showcase the association and make it simple to give a donation.

WS, the ideal web agency for such a large project

WS Interactive was the ideal web agency to carry out this digital project. We have an established international strategy thanks to our experience acquired with our international clients over many years.

We developed a personalized content strategy. We were able to give the tools to write content perfectly adapted to search engines. We get top SEO and a better result in terms of visibility.

Thanks to an immersive and corporate design that speaks to everyone and an ergonomic interface, we obtain a fluid, fast, efficient and logical experience.

Our goal is achieved. We charm the user with this innovative autonomous technology while having a fully satisfied customer!