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CEFA Aviation


A company for safer skies

CEFA Aviation specializes in flight animation. The company offers innovative software that converts black box data into 3D images. Pilots can relive their flights and hone their skills by detecting potential anomalies.

After 20 years, CEFA Aviation wanted to shed its startup image and fully assume its status as an expert company in flight animation. The company wanted to adopt a new image and strengthen its digital presence. Hence, the redesign of their website was an important step.

Collaborating with CEFA was a significant and inspiring new adventure during a global pandemic. This was a first for the web agency: carrying out the project from start to finish soup to nuts, without ever having met the client in-person. As COVID-19 accelerated how businesses operated around the world, WS unleashed its total expertise for a large international project in English.

Going remote and adapting the creative process

The project kicked off in March 2020 as France was bracing for its first major COVID-19 lockdown.  With the world turned upside down, the WS team faced the  ‘new normal’ and found new ways of working to manage a complete project. 

The creative process behind CEFA’s new site had the classic road map: design, content and development.  But it was all done remotely. WS even ran a content strategy workshop working in close collaboration with CEFA.

Throughout the entire creative process, WS kept a close proximity with CEFA – even from a distance! Exchanges between Colmar and Toulouse remained intense in order to truly meet the needs of our client.

A design success born out of remote work

Remote work is the new standard for the web agency of 2021. With COVID-19, our team met the challenges head on for a fluid, organized and efficient project management. Once again, we showed our ability to carry out a project in France and internationally, without slowing the creation process down.

In this digital project, both WS and CEFA grew. The redesign during a pandemic challenged WS and made it stronger.  WS gave its best and then some to an international project in a cutting-edge field such as aeronautics.

As for CEFA, it’s new site resulted in a modern, lively, and professional look.  This gives  CEFA an image finally web worthy of its status – a company rich in flight animation expertise.