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Nonprofit heads to web agency for a complete digital project





Crafting the digital presence of a remarkable association

CFAS (Centre de Formation d’Apprentis Spécialisé ! - Specialized Apprenticeship Training Center) is a member of ARSEAA (Association Régionale pour la Sauvegarde de l’Enfant, de l’Adolescent et de l’Adulte - Regional Association for the Protection of Children, Adolescents and Adults).

CFAS Occitanie

WS Interactive’s clientele include medium-sized, private companies, large corporations and public institutions.  And on occasion, WS has the pleasure of working with an amazing and inspiring non-profit such as CFAS.  For CFAS, the WS team had to work on the non-profit’s digital presence.  


CFAS Occitanie

The challenge of building a coherent site for a dual audience

CFAS’s message caters to two groups: apprentices and their future employers.  On the one hand you have a young group of individuals new to the workforce.  On the other hand, you have the future employers, who need a professional understanding of how CFAS works.  

WS had to design a site that would engage both groups while communicating clearly and succinctly.  It also had to hand over a site that can be easily managed by CFAS.

As a solution, the WS team defined a space both for apprentices and for professionals and future employers. The content adapts respectively to each audience.

Since the content varied, the interface was created to be as accessible as possible with careful ergonomics. Thanks to intuitive navigation and an optimized user experience, the website is natural and fluid.  Users can easily find their way.

CEFA Aviation site web wordpress

Helping people to think web!

On such a large-scale digital project, the WS agency positioned itself as a solid web consultant. We provided valuable advice and provided crucial support to the association's team.

The role of a web agency is not only to deliver a quality website on time and on budget. Once the client is handed over the helm of the website, we are there for the customer as they learn how to use the content management system and write for the web.  

The notion of consulting is essential in a web agency and should not be neglected. As an agency, our role is  to help our clients master the web in their everyday life and get the most optimal experience and results.

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