Bouquetin des Pyrénées
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Ibex of the Pyrenees

An information resource for the Natural Regional Park of Ariège and the Pyrenees.


Ibex spotted in the Pyrenees...a cute digital project

The Parc Naturel Régional Pyrénées Ariègoises (Pyrenees Ariege Regional Natural Park) and the Parc National des Pyrénées (Pyrenees National Park) have the common goal of sharing info about the reintroduction of the Iberian ibex in the Pyrenees.

These outstanding parks called on WS to create an interface which gives pride of place to this horned ball of fur!

Oh yeah!

Bouquetin des Pyrénées
Bouquetin des Pyrénées

Let's get this bad boy started!

Our cherished ibex deserves a rich, intuitive and dignified interface so that the community can:

  • be informed about the reintroduction process launched by the two parks
  • learn more about the animal and its environment
  • be sensitive to its protection and conservation

So, what strategy do we adopt to communicate with the general public?


WS takes you to the top of the web design mountain

WS gets it: our regions have a fragile biodiversity which must be highlighted with relevant and attractive digital interfaces.

The WS "web sherpas" thus built an educational website that is playful, immersive and visual.

The website content is spacious and easy to read, its graphic design is welcoming and its administration system made intuitive thanks to Drupal CMS.

Our all-time favorite? The picture gallery, of course! 

How cuter can you get?

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